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And when the youth came back, I gently broke to them what had happened.

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How do you empower youth when the real life news out there is telling them to be afraid? Be afraid because your skin is brown, because your mother tongue is different, or your religion makes you a target of people shooting guns, even — or especially — where you pray? Be afraid because gun rights are a joke where firearms are accessible to white supremacist but if you even google guns, you risk being branded as a terrorist?

Be afraid because white systems of oppression still rule? Instead I asked for the youth to be still, reflect, and have a moment of silence. As I looked at everyone sitting on the floor that morning last year, I knew that they got it. It was a poignant and tragic teachable moment.

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  6. A horrific, perfectly timed, teachable moment on why we need to build solidarity, as South Asians and as humankind. It had been a year since the Oak Creek shooting.

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    As a community, we were on the defensive, always it seemed. But beauty has come out of it, too — a vibrant, lush activist community in solidarity that uses tools of love, arts, community, and politics to combat and resist. Their passion was ignited and they all felt loved and empowered. They were equipped with the tools and knowledge they needed to combat and resist in this world, but to do it in ways that honor love and community, that give life to hope.

    Follow her on twitter tazzystar. I was attending a local service at the Guru Gobind Singh Foundation in Rockville, MD, when a member of the congregation announced that there was a shooting at a Gurdwara in Milwaukee. Immediately, everyone picked up their phones and started looking for news articles, reading posts on Facebook and twitter, and texting loved ones to make sure they were okay.

    After that moment, my mind went blank. We all remained silent as the program ended after which everyone quietly ate their langar, a community meal, and spoke in panicked whispers. For the next few weeks, all I could think about was the shooting. I had always thought that the worst attack that could ever happen to our community would be an attack on a Gurdwara, our place of worship, and that had now happened.

    I remember that Sunday so vividly. I was glued to the television and stayed close to my friends and family. I could not sleep that night, feeling restless and uneasy. My initial reaction was fear — how this could happen to a Gurdwara, a place of worship — a place I called my second home? When I was younger, I dreaded going to Gurdwara on Sundays because I would have to sit through three hour long programs and attend Punjabi class.

    As I grew older, I started to like going to Gurdwara because I would be able to meet my friends there and hang out, understand and learn more about my religion, and connect with my community. Nowadays whenever my family and I are traveling, my father will try to find a Gurdwara wherever we are. I have always felt fortunate that I can be a part of the Sikh community no matter where I am.

    It is because of this bond—this closeness in our community—that the attack on Oak Creek was so painful. By taking the lives of six innocent people—mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters—one individual brought hate into a place that I love. I thought to myself, how can I be in Chardi Kala when a place I love was devastated and the families of lost loved ones are in infinite pain?


    E American Ave, Oak Creek, WI - MLS - Coldwell Banker

    How can I embrace the concept of Chardi Kala, when this was the biggest attack during my lifetime on my community in a place of peace and love? But once I got to Oak Creek, all of my questions were answered with the power of Sangat. In Sikhism, Sangat or communal prayer amongst fellow worshippers is large part of providing strength, community and peace to an individual. The Sangat of Oak Creek showed such immense strength and courage, lifting up their spirits and looking towards the future- within seconds, their Chardi Kala spirit infected me. As difficult as the past year has been, reflecting on the reality that my second home, a beloved Gurdwara, was attacked, I gained more strength from the community of Oak Creek than from anywhere else.

    I commend the Sangat of Oak Creek for standing tall during this terrible time of hardship. Waheguru God has blessed us with so much love from all over the world. The whole is only as good as its parts and there are many parts that work as one. As the one-year anniversary of the Oak Creek shooting passes, I can confidently say that although the pain is still there and work needs to be done to ensure that such an attack never happens again, the strength and Chardi Kala of the Oak Creek community continues to pay tribute to Suveg Singh Khattra, Satwant Singh Kaleka, Ranjit Singh, Paramjit Kaur, Sita Singh, and Prakash Singh and to elevate the collective spirit of Sikhs in America.

    Originally posted in Opine Season on August 2, However, this is not the only binary that fundamentally constitutes white supremacy. In this construction, Black and Native peoples play subsidiary roles. However, if we look at only this binary, we may misread race dynamics of white supremacy in different contexts. In Minnesota, Southeast Asians, as well as other people of color and indigenous people, are often criminalized — especially Hmong and Cambodian people.

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    The corrupt and abusive Metro Gang Task Force was full of officers that have a history racially profiling people of color, including Southeast Asians, and many of those officers have records showing extensive complaints about their anti-Black and anti-Hmong behavior, specifically. Southeast Asians across the country struggle with poverty, are victims of police brutality, and face unjust deportation policies that tear apart their families.

    We live in an environment of rampant Islamophobia and state criminalization, imprisonment and murder of Muslims. In , Fong Lee was racially profiled while riding his bike with friends and was shot and killed by a white officer who won a Medal of Valor for the act, in one of the most brutal police brutality cases in Twin Cities history.

    In , Cau Thi Bich Tran was shot and killed in her own home by police, with her kids in the adjacent room, because the cops who were never charged thought her vegetable peeler was a cleaver. And historically, we can look at cases where Asians have worked, across ethnicity and cross-racially, for ourselves and in solidarity with other communities in various historic and contemporary social justice movements.

    I believe working in solidarity with other communities of color requires us to think about how our experiences are different but related, and ultimately intertwined. We all want to be good allies. We all want, so desperately, to do the right thing — above all, to be useful. I just want to put forth that being an effective community worker and a good ally is most effective when we work from within our own communities — with nuance, with intention, and with love.

    Bao Phi is a Vietnamese American Minnesotan spoken word artist, published poet, community worker, nonprofit arts administrator, partner, son, brother, and father. Manjusha P. Kulkarni, Esq. Executive Director, South Asian Network. One year after the shooting at the Oak Creek Sikh Temple, our community is continuing to grapple with serious concerns and significant fear about the repeated hate crimes and hate speech against members of our community. Just days ago, there was a hate crime in our area—Southern California. It is another troubling incident for our community as we are mark the one-year anniversary of the deadly shooting of six of our Sikh brothers and sisters in Oak Creek, Wisconsin.

    And it is one year after we seek to heal from dozens of hate incidents against Muslim Americans that took place in quick succession across the country. We are now well aware that these are not isolated incidents. They are part of a history of bigotry and prejudice against our community. While we may not know the specific motives of each assailant in each act of violence, we know that they stem from bigotry and anti-immigrant sentiment being fanned by irresponsible and bigoted comments made by some politicians and community leaders across the country.

    It is time that we make connections between the two as we stand up against hate speech and hate crimes targeted at our community as well as other communities. We must be as vigilant in opposing Rep. This change, resulting from years of community pressure, is a step in the right direction.

    Only after we have statistical evidence of the many hate incidents can we begin to understand the nature of the crimes and their impact on our communities and start to address them systemically. But, more—much more—is needed. A few days after the Oak Creek shooting, a member of the Sikh Temple there stopped his car next to a pickup truck at an intersection. SAN is a community-based organization dedicated to advancing the health, empowerment and solidarity of persons of South Asian origin in Southern California. Located in Artesia, California, SAN serves the needs of individuals of Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Nepalese and Sri Lankan descent in the areas of civil rights, violence prevention and health and health care access.

    On August 5, , my husband and I signed up the kids for Sunday school at our gurudwara. That very day, in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, a hate filled gunman killed six Sikh Americans in their own place of worship ostensibly because of their appearance. As the mother of a five year old Sikh boy who sports long hair wrapped in a patka little boy version of a turban and the wife of a turban wearing Sikh, I am acutely aware of how they are perceived in the general American populace and how it impacts my parenting.

    My husband, a tall Sikh man with a turban and a beard, was viewed with such public suspicion in those early months after , that I truly feared for his personal safety. In the almost year that has passed, it has been in the forefront of my mind because my son is starting Kindergarten this August at a public school. In the future, my now five year old son will sport a turban and beard. I wonder if I will have to fear for his safety the way I still fear for my husband in the post world. That peaceful worshippers can be gunned down in their safe place based simply on their appearance is antithetical to the American freedom of religion and racial profiling in the extreme.

    My mama grizzly bear reaction to his feelings was to go into his preschool classroom and explain very generally what a Sikh is and why my children and our family grow our hair long without preaching religion to all the kids. Preschoolers only know that someone is different and are curious to learn about them. I told them that my son has long hair to match his family, and wears a patka to cover it, and that you should never be mean to someone just because they look or are different. While I have lots of the normal kindergarten angst that every mom probably has, it is acute because Nihal will take a bus to school.

    A BUS — with new and much older kids— to a new school! I am not ready to deal with bigger kid issues.

    I am content to talk about chocolate and vanilla cupcakes. They will one day know about Trayvon Martin and all the numerous untold stories of children like him. Nihal, like so many others before him, will be suspicious, yet innocent. As his mom, I am petrified. Jasbir Jesse K. For a long time I felt as if there was no such thing as a South Asian American, because our history was invisible. Born and raised in California, my home is home to thousands of untold and unknown Sikh, Muslim, Hindu and South Asian American stories.

    I spent many of my childhood weekends eating chaat with my family in Berkeley, the stomping ground of some of the first South Asian American radicals and community organizers. My first overnight school trip was to Angel Island, where in the early 20 th century, nearly 8, South Asians stayed in search of a new American life.

    I went to university in the Sacramento Valley, where Punjabi workers built the first North American gurdwara in Yet, until very recently I did not know any of this history. I knew nothing of the deeply rooted South Asian American history and culture in the very places I grew up. Turbaned men are all terrorists. Brown-skinned people are a threat to national security.

    After years of invisibility, our community, including the Sikh community is now visible. Full Service Agent. Premium Placement on Redfin. Free Professional Photos. Free 3D Walkthrough. Show Taxes and Fees. Buyer Agent Commission. Excise Tax. Title Insurance. Escrow Fee. Talk to Redfin About Selling.

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    Mortgage payment. Property taxes. HOA dues. Homeowners' insurance. Continue reading. Style Raised Ranch. Property Type Single-Family. Community Milwaukee. County Milwaukee. MLS Redfin last checked: 19 minutes ago Last updated May 28, Home Facts. Beds —. Style Single Family Residential. County Milwaukee County. Home facts updated by county records on May 3, This data may not match public records.

    Learn more. Bathroom Information of Baths Full : 2. Range: Activity for E American Ave. Schools Serving This Home. Parent Rating:. Oak Creek East Middle School. Oak Creek High School. School data provided by GreatSchools. School service boundaries are intended to be used as reference only. To verify enrollment eligibility for a property, contact the school directly. This area is car dependent — almost all errands require a car.

    There is a minimal amount of infrastructure for biking.