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We don't add any preservatives, dyes or fragrances to our cosmetics. We want to go back to basics without living in the past. We are delighted to receive your thankfully positive feedback each day and to read your comments and emails. And, of course, we continuously look for new natural and eco-friendly products that will change and even revolutionize your daily routine! Of course, for environmental and economical reasons, we can only encourage you to combine your orders by buying the various products you need together.

This will also limit the energy consumption involved in our shipments.

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We ship your orders within one to two days, after which they are delivered by Colissimo in France, and then to your local post office within days. Your order will, therefore, reach you within an average of seven business days from approval if we don't have too many orders to deal with. We believe that transparency is one of the key foundations of our business. Our modus operandi - offering wholesome ,healthy, pure cosmetics - is, of course, followed by an environmentally friendly outlook.

As such, we are constantly seeking ways to reduce our ecological impact and always trying to find ways to reduce our waste, our manufacturing process, the raw materials used, and in our product packaging. We manufacture all our cosmetics ourselves and handle both packaging and shipping as well. We prioritize French suppliers for all our raw materials and manufacturing supplies. Of course, it's not always easy to achieve this goal , but we do our best to use products that are "made in France" whenever possible or at most from neighboring European countries.

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    Our cream is handmade in Marseille. Made in Marseille using traditional methods. A gentle shampoo bar for your hair Choose our natural Argan Oil and Rhassoul shampoo bar for a new healthy and eco-friendly hair care routine. Toothpaste made using traditional Middle Eastern methods Learn more about our powdered toothpaste, it will definitely change your old teeth brushing habits!

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    Handmade and artisanal All our products are handcrafted , made day by day to offer high-quality, wholesome products. Marie - Sophie - Silvin - Nil. Fun Math activities with practice worksheets will also be introduced for the beginning mathematician. Occasional Science field trip discovery at the park and motor skill fun will also be included.

    Designed for the preschooler, this class develops motor and social skills in order to build a confident kindergartener. Students focus on phonics, word recognition, word building, and printing. Math, History, Science, and world map activities are also featured themes. Grades Thursday pm. Sentence Topic Expressing Audience Method.


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    This class offers different strategies, structure, and methods of writing. Writing is a fun way of expressing yourself through words that create a picture for the reader. Students will make complete sentences, build vocabulary, give main ideas, sequences, and paragraphs. Grades K-7 pm. One-on-One tutoring or small group sessions.

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    Contact us to schedule your student! If you're looking for something specific for your student, don't worry, we're here to meet your academic needs! Contact us to schedule your student today! Class sign-ups and payments are made on the 1st of the month.

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    We'll contact you soon! I was really worried she would lose everything she learned in t-k. I enrolled her in the kinder prep class and she has shown SO much improvement! I highly recommend it!